Course Name:                                                   Social work Practicum

Code:                                                                     SW 17105DCE   

Total Credits=05                                                                                                              Teaching Hours: 75



1. Field Work Components:


  • Observational Visits – The first year students during the first semester go for observational visits to various settings: Medical and Psychiatric, Rural Community Setting, Slums Visits, Industrial Setting, Correctional setting and Tribal Setting.
  • Street Theatre Training
  • Rural Camp
  • Seminar on Current Issues – Organized in Groups.


The students spend one day in a week and are expected to spend a minimum of 5-6 hours per week in the field.

Every week students have IC’s & GC’s with their respective supervisors. At the end of the semester viva-voce and presentations are conducted.  Viva-voce is conducted by an external examiner.



Note: Suggested readings shall be provided by the concerned teacher