Assessment/Examination of OE GE Courses of PG 1st Sem (2019 Batch) and PG 2nd Sem (2018 Batch)

All those students who had opted for OE GE Courses in the Department of Social Work in their respective PG 1st Sem (2019 Batch) and PG 2nd Sem (2018 Batch) are informed to contact their respective course teachers (details given below) in connection with assessment/examination of such OE GE Courses:

PG 1st Semester 2019 Batch

Dr Shazia Manzoor, (Course Title: Fundamentals of Social Work, Phone: 9796997993; email;

Dr Sarafraz Ahmad (Course Title: Environemnt and Social Work, Phone: 9419417522; Email:

PG 2nd Sem 2018 Batch :

Dr Saima Farhad (Course Title:Women in Everyday Life, phone: 9622543939, email;

Only such candidates shall be allowed who are registered students and have their names in the courses lists.